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Zora Ro'Meave
Zora Ro'Meave, 16
United States, Traverse City
It's complicated
About me:
I am Zora Ro'Meave, my brothers r Garroth and Zane, im from My street and Phoenix drop high is my school, I love Aphmau, Ive seen almost every video Aphmau has made, I love the color black, ill protect Aphmau with my life she's like my sister so dont hurt her, dont hurt my friends Aaron, Zane, Kawaii-chan, Aphmau, Blaze, Daniel, Dottie, Melissa, Garroth, Katelyn, Travis, Dante, and Laurance, My friends on here r Aphmau Shalashaska, Katelyn~Sama, Garroth, Aaron Lycan, Zane Ro'Meave, Kawaii-Chan, Lucinda, im a yandere, I have a crush on Aaron Lycan, I love my little pony, im depressed 24/7
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